Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing #23

It's the end of the trail and oh my gosh now I need to start at the beginning again to remind me of where Ive been and where I'm going.
The unexpected outcome is that I was able to grasp at least 90% of the concepts and that certainly counts toward my lifelong learning goal of being willing to try new things in the technology arena no matter how daunting they seem at the time. It is easy to convince yourself to maintain the status quo. It's human nature. This program pushes the envelope and even if you are not a guru at the end the exposure has stirred up a few brain cells.
Yes, I would take further training.
"And there ain't no tellin' how tomorrow's gonna be" Iris Dement so take the plunge today and learn something to improve yourself and your situation.

Thing #22

The Best Book You Read all Year? on the Teacher Librarian Ning was awesome. As someone who is always looking for books that will "hook" readers I think this is a gold mine of suggestions. We all have too many books so little time to read. Actually a friend of mine fell off a ladder and broke her pelvic bone and had a couple of months to read non-stop. She decided mobility was more important than the luxury of having time to read every book you ever wanted to but couldn't in every day life. That's why this opportunity to share information is so liberating!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thing #21

Here's a Photostory of Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding country like Abiqui and Chaco Canyon. I visited here this past June with my sisters and my Mom to help her celebrate her 85th birthday. You'll recognize some scenes from Georgia O'Keefe's paintings.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thing #20

This was very entertaining. Looking at hundreds of You tubes and Teacher Tubes. Creativity is everywhere. Who knows better how to use the library than Mr. Bean?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thing #19

The kids should love Writeboard and the accompanying product Backpack when they are doing projects. It seemed easier to use than a Wiki even though it is the same basic idea. I am definitely going to suggest this to my students who come in the library. They all need a place to keep their information organized. This would even appeal to some of the slugs who don't so their fair share on assignments.

Thing #18

Both Open Office and Google Docs offer lots of options to the usual programs that come with computers like Microsoft Office. I really like the templates on Google Docs. "Miss Manners" would be proud of the letter formats. No questions about how to write a resume. The idea that you can have your documents available by just signing into Google is very enticing. No problem trying to remember where pictures and documents are located no matter where you are in the whole wide world.

Thing #17 Rollyo

I have been looking forward to using Rollyo since one of the parents at my school showed me how he uses it in his classes at University of Houston. I made my art teacher a list of art sites around the world but it didn't come up again when I searched it. Maybe I needed to sign in or something. I'll go back and take another look.